CD „SERVI - Meditatio in variatione“ (electronics & theremin)

CD „SERVI - Meditatio in variatione“ (electronics & theremin)
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Audio CD: meditative art electric & new age music
Das multimediale SERVI-Projekt: Jan Bilk & Tomaš Nawka spielen meditative elektronische Musik.

Style: art electronics
Gesamtspielzeit/total playing time: 51:54 Min., 6 page Digipack
special guest: Lydia Kavina - Theremin (track 9 & 10)
® recorded and mixed: 1995 SERVI studio (Berlin)
Tonmeister: Jürgen Crasser
© 1995 SERVI
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Jan Bilk & Tomaš Nawka: keyboards, sampler, E-piano, WAVE drum, voice-to-MIDI-computer, analog & digital-sequencer; Lydia Kavina: thereminvox (title 9,10); sample voices by Claudia, Carolina, Sabina & Tomaš
Titelliste und Hörbeispiele - click to play:
1. Meeresblicke 5:38
2. Nytame 3:49
3. Sprachlos 7:27
4. Wjecor (Am Abend) 3:22
5. Farbspiele 3:38
Absorbés dans nos pensées...
6. ...Andante 3:02
7. ...Grave 2:59
8. ...Allegretto 2:35
9. Verwandeln 3:35
10. Solivox 3:50
11. Atemlos 5:19
Bonus tracks:
12. Am Abend (instrumental version) 3:01
13. Atemlos (short version) 3:20

MEDITATIO IN VARIATIONE is the new multimedia programme from SERVI’s  musicians and composers Jan Bilk and Tomaš Nawka.
The Sorb musicians, natives of Lusatia, met at secondary school; since then, the two composers-cum-producers have been a particulary active duo in the world of Christian music. Performing as „Servi pacis“ and later as „SERVI“, they made their mark on the modern church music scene – not to mention that of electronic music – in the GDR.
Jan Bilk and Tomaš Nawka’s appearances at 370 churches have ranged from young people’s services and parish worship to straightforward concerts. They have performed in concert halls, theatres and sports venues across the country.
Complementary to these activities, they have composed and produced on a commercial basis for radio, cinema and television.
They have taught at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music in East Berlin and other institutions. All in all, an impressive artistic achievement. Jan Bilk and Tomaš Nawka can now boast an international reputation as versatile, established artistes in their chosen field. Just look at successful projects like the eight-channel sound installation at the Berlin Zeiss-Groß-Planetarium’s first laser show, the Open Air Classics Concert with the Grand Radio Broadcasting Orchestra of Berlin, or other appearances using the Delta Stereophonic System. They have provided the music for about 70 films and radio plays and in 1988, were awarded the Special Prize for Radio in recognition of this outstanding work.
„…Yet again, a real emotional experience – SERVI on tour!
We are getting back to our roots, visiting places of worship to find peace and God’s strength through our music. Lost in thought, absorbés dans ses pensées…, we become conscious through meditation of new insights.“
The SERVI Multimedia Performance is a professional blend of meditative synthesizer and natural music, large-screen projections and a captivating light show. Aimed not only at Christians, it embraces allcomers in an out-of-the-ordinary experience: Come into the Cathedral, immerse yourself in the glories of this sacred building and discover the longing in your soul.

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